We are delighted to announce the 2nd ICRAPHE that will take place in Barcelona, Spain next November 28-29, 2019. This is a follow up of the First ICRAPHE international conference organized in Paris on September 8-9, 2016, by Prof. Yves Levi.

The conference aims to capture outstanding examples of active research in this field and highlight as well future research needs. It will consist of six themes indicated below:

– Environmental Monitoring and Sewage Chemical Information Mining (SCIM) of Pharma residues (session 1)

– Omic Approaches to Assess Endogenous Biomarkers of Disease or Health (session 2)

– Ecological and Health Effects, Hazards and Risks (session 3)

-Degradation and Innovative Remediation Technologies (session 4)

– Bioaccumulation and Plant Uptake of Pharma residues (session 5)

– Pharmaceutical industry and eco-friendly production (session 6)

This conference will be structured in different sessions covering all the topics cited above. Oral and poster presentation are now welcome.

One PLENARY LECTURE and few KEY NOTE LECTURES are already planned.

We are waiting for you in Barcelona!

Damià Barcelo
ICRA and IDAEA-CSIC, Girona and Barcelona, Spain
Chair of the Scientific Committee