Abstract submission  is available from 1st March 2019



Instructions for all abstracts


Oral presentations from 1st March to 1st June (extended untill 15th June).
Poster presentations from 1st March to 1st (extended untill 1st November).

Authors should indicate with which session their abstract is for:

  • Session 1 – Environmental Monitoring and Sewage Chemical Information Mining (SCIM) of Pharma residues
  • Session 2 – Omic Approaches to Assess Endogenous Biomarkers of Disease or Health
  • Session 3 – Ecological and Health Effects, Hazards and Risks
  • Session 4 -Degradation and Innovative Remediation Technologies
  • Session 5 – Bioaccumulation and Plant Uptake of Pharma residues
  • Session 6 – Pharmaceutical industry and eco-friendly  production
  • Others


Presenting authors whose abstract are accepted for presentation must register for the congress and pay the required registration fee. Each registered author can present a maximum of two abstracts.

Abstracts must be prepared in English. Please ensure that your abstract does not contain spelling, grammatical or scientific errors, as it will be reproduced exactly as submitted.

The acceptance or declined of the abstracts will be notified by e-mail to the author of the contact. You will also be informed of how the format should be oral or in poster mode.

The selection of day and hour of presentation will be carried out according to the main topic, the contact author will be informed about it.

Once the authors have received the resolutions of acceptance of the works will not be allowed changes in the text of the work or in the order or authorship, so it is recommended a careful review before sending your study.

The accepted communications can be consulted through the congress webpage.

Please follow carefully these instructions. Abstracts not prepared correctly will not be considered for presentation.

Correction of abstracts cannot be accepted after the submission deadline.